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    A native of St. Lucia, Karlyn bravely immigrated to Canada alone and with vision and tenacity, she went on to carve out a successful 23-year career in Technology & Operations.

    In the fast-paced financial industry, Karlyn experienced first hand the cost of "emotional tax" which lead to the burnout, anxiety of her and her counterparts.

    Seeing a crucial need for an integrated approach to wellness, Karlyn developed systems and created the Success Planner - a life planner helping women create success in all areas of their lives.

    She masterfully brings awareness to the “Elephant in the Room” through research-based writing and workshops on the challenges & emotional tax Black, Indigenous, self-identifying women of color pay due to the lack of inclusion & psychological safely in the workplace.

    Karlyn has worked with Porter Airlines, BMO, RBC, Deloitte, Expedia, Telus, Hershey Canada, Scotiabank, CIBC and others, helping Organisations increase B.R.I.P.E - Belonging, Retention, Inclusion, Productivity & Engagement whilst helping women fearlessly realize their full potential.

    An advocate for Gender Equity, Karlyn was tapped to be a key contributor to UNICEF’s Break The Silence Campaign. SisterTalk Leadership and Wellness Academy recently launched AMPLIFY 2020 -a digital storytelling campaign magnifying the voices, stories and digital footprint of Black, Indigenous and self -identifying women of color.

    Share This Journey With Me.... @karlynpercil